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Alfalfa, recognized worldwide as the "Queen of Forages", is the backbone of many forage systems in the Midwest. Alfalfa is a nutrient dense forage that has good summer production. With its deeper root system, alfalfa will continue to grow and yield better than most other forages under less than ideal moisture situations.

Our alfalfas are hand selected by a group of dairy farmers, agronomists, and dairy nutritionists from hundreds of varieties in side-by-side trials, and evaluated in on-farm performance trials. They are selected to meet the needs of today's top alfalfa growers for forage quality, yield, and stand life.

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  • LeafMAX 4017 APH2 Alfalfa w/Standlife Genetics C/T/I

    NEW - LeafMAX 4017 APH2 is a new Aphanomyces resistant alfalfa which is highly resistant (HR) to both Race 1 and Race 2 Aphanomyces. This variety has very impressive yield, is geared toward an aggressive 4 cut system, and is able to thrive in the toughest disease soils throughout the Midwest. Ideal placement is on medium to heavy soil types where Aphanomyces may be a problem. Extremely winterhardy, very quick regrowth, super tonnage, and finer stems. Digestibility is very good. Fall dormancy 4.0, winter hardiness 1.7, disease rating 35/35. Seed is coated with lime and micronutrients, Allegience fungicide, and inoculated with Nitragin Gold inoculant. 50 lb. bag.
    • HR to Race 1 & 2 Aphanomyces
    • Super tonnage
    • Very quick regrowth
    • Finer stems
    • Strongest disease package available
    • Coated/Treated/Inoculated
    / lb.

    Out of stock

  • LeafMAX 3717 H.D. Alfalfa C/T/I

    NEW - LeafMAX 3717 H.D. alfalfa is a versatile alfalfa for all soil types. Position this variety in your more aggressive cut schedules. One of the top dairy alfalfas sold in WI. It is Highly Digestible (H.D.), has super fast re-growth, very high tonnage, and competes extremely well with all major alfalfa varieties in the marketplace. Fall dormancy 3.7, winter hardiness 1.7, disease rating of 29/30. Comes coated with lime and micronutrients, Allegience fungicide, and preinoculated with Nitragin Gold inoculant. A very high quality alfalfa with excellent yield. 50 lb bag.
    • Versatile on all soil types
    • Top Dairy Alfalfa
    • Highly Digestible (H.D.)
    • Very High Tonnage
    • Extremely high Milk/Ton & Milk/Acre
    • Coated/Treated/Inoculated
    / lb.
  • LeafMAX 3520 Alfalfa C/T/I

    NEW - LeafMAX 3520 is our economically priced alfalfa for shorter rotations. This is a blend of surplus alfalfas, but does not contain vernal alfalfa. 3520 will have average to high yields and quality. Place this economy priced alfalfa on good, well drained soils. Fall dormancy 3.5, winter hardiness 2.0, disease rating 27+. Comes with a lime coating containing micronutrients, Allegience fungicide, and preinoculated with Nitragin Gold inoculant. 50 lb bag.
    • Blend of varieties
    • No Vernal
    • Coated/Treated/Inoculated
    / lb.
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