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Leafhopper Alfalfas

Leafhopper Alfalfas

The potato leafhopper has proven to be a serious pest on alfalfa damaging both yield and forage quality. Under severe infestations, new stands can be lost. Our leafhopper resistant alfalfas provide the grower with improved alfalfas that have glandular hairs which reduce the pressure from leafhoppers.

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  • LeafMAX 3219 PLH Alfalfa C/T/I

    NEW - LeafMAX 3219 PLH alfalfa is a high yielding leafhopper resistant (7th generation PLH) alfalfa. This alfalfa works well in all areas, adapts well to all soil types, and is geared toward a 3-4 cut system. This alfalfa is a very competitive leafhopper resistant alfalfa with a very high percent resistance (HR) to Potato Leafhopper. This variety is extremely winter hardy at 2.0 with a fall dormancy of 3.5 and has a high disease rating of 30/30. Excellent performance in high leafhopper pressure areas. Lime coated with micronutrients, Allegience fungicide and preinoculated with Nitragin Gold inoculant. 50 lb. bag.
    • 7th Generation protection
    • High yielding
    • Coated/Treated/Inoculated
    / lb.
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