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Orchard Grass

Orchard Grass

Orchard grass is an old reliable standby in many parts of the U.S. It is more heat and drought tolerant than most cool season grasses, and thus produces more feed during the summer. Some of the older varieties, such as Potomac and Penn late have given Orchard grass a bad reputation for getting diseased in late summer, being clumpy, heading out too early in spring, and not being palatable. Our varieties are far more palatable than most of the older varieties, and also later heading! Orchard grass is suited for light textured soils due to its outstanding drought tolerance. Orchard grass will do well in areas with less than ideal fertility and moisture, but is not adapted for very wet areas. Varieties have varying degrees of winter-hardiness. The species is rather slow to establish but has good persistency if managed properly. Orchard grass is ideal for hay, silage, and grazing.
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  • HLR Orchardgrass

    HLR Orchardgrass contains the best and latest orchard grass varieties from Barenbrug's breeding program. Years of breeding efforts goes into improving the forage quality and simultaneously the forage yield of orchard grass varieties. The varieties have been selected for High Leaf-to-Stem Ratio which means more leaves for improved digestibility and energy; with less stems that reduce the palatability of the pasture. HLR orchardgrass is tolerant to rust and other leaf diseases. The intermediate to late heading varieties in HLR are good for interplanting with alfalfa. Monoculture seeding rate 12-15 lbs per acre. Comes in 25 lb bags. .
    Barenbrug USA - This product is supplied by Barenbrug, a world-wide, forage-based company that has specialized in high quality grasses and legumes for over 100 years.
    • High leaf-to-stem ratios
    • Best and latest varieties
    / lb.
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