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A warm season annual for dry hay production. Plant in spring after all danger of frost is past and soil temps are above 60-65 degrees F. Forage quality is very similar to timothy. Teff can produce a lot of forage in a very short time.
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  • Tiffany Teff ct.

    Tiffany was recently identified from over 400 varieties of teff as one of the highest for forage yield. Makes excellent dry hay, very palatable. Use as a crop to thicken thin alfalfa stands or seed by itself. Contains 34% coating. Seeding rate 10-12 lbs/acre alone or 6 lbs/acre to thicken thin alfalfa stand. CURRENTLY TAKING EARLY ORDERS FOR SPRING 2015.
    • Summer annual for dry hay
    • Use to thicken thin alfalfa stands
    • Excellent palatability
    • High Summer Yields

    Tech Sheets
    Teff Grass Management Guide
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  • Moxie Teff w/Yellow Jacket

    New from Barenbrug USA. Moxie Teff is a warm season annual grass that is very high yielding and very palatable. In a teff variety trial in South Charleston, Ohio, Moxie yields were 8% higher than Tiffany. Seed in spring after all danger of frost is past and the soils are warm. Teff is a very small seed so barely scratch the surface when planting. Teff is excellent for dry hay and similar to Timothy in palatability. Can also be double-cropped after wheat. Comes in 50 lbs. bag. Seeding rate is 6 lbs per acre drilled into a thin alfalfa stand and 10-12 lbs per acre in a pure stand. CURRENTLY TAKING EARLY ORDERS FOR SPRING 2015
    Barenbrug USA - This product is supplied by Barenbrug, a world-wide, forage-based company that has specialized in high quality grasses and legumes for over 100 years.
    • Coated w/ Yellow Jacket seed coating
    • High Yielding
    • Excellent for dry hay production

    Tech Sheets
    From Seeding to Feeding Teff grass
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