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Beneficial Microbes

Environoc 401 is a plant bio-stimulant consisting of a purposely assembled consortium of naturally occurring beneficial microorganisms. This diverse team of over 25 strains of beneficial microorganisms is present in extremely high counts (trillions per gallon) with the capabilities to promote successful crop production. These microbes are not genetically modified, non-pathogenic, and 100% naturally [...]

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It All Starts with the Soil

The simple truth is, it all starts with the soil. Your best crops are grown on your best soils. Unlocking the secrets of your soil will allow you to grow better crops and better realize the potential of your seed's genetics. Your soil consists of three primary parts: the physical, chemical, and biological properties. [...]

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My Thoughts on Selecting the Right Seed

by Bob Eash, owner of Best Forage Let us help. Most farmers, if they are like me, are strongly independent and feel that they can handle almost anything that confronts us. We weather the storms of high and low prices, heat waves, drought, frosts and freezing temps; from no rain to torrential rains, pests, [...]

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