Choice Hybrids

Remember years ago when the seed industry offered Modified Single-Cross corn Hybrids? Back then we called them MODS, or sister-line crosses, corn breeders crossed two inbreds to make a sister line parent and then crossed that sister line parent with a pollinator resulting in a modified single cross hybrid. TA Seeds revived those classics with the latest genetics and they have proven their value to the modern producer.  Today, T.A. Seeds call these hybrids their Choice hybrids.

T.A. Seeds Choice hybrids are, specifically bred for fields or soil types that don’t have top-end yield capabilities. We suggest that you plant these hybrids in fields where the soil is not as high producing and at moderate-to-low populations. Choice hybrids  have great emergence and seedling vigor, average stalks and roots, multi-use plant type, (silage, ear, and grain harvest) and ADDED VALUE yields. T.A. Seeds ADDED VALUE Choice hybrids produce a lot of seed in their seed fields so they pass the savings on to you.

Check out the TA108 and TA100! Both of these hybrids have shown impressive abilities in both yield and quality!

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