Masters Choice M.E.A.T. (Maximum Energy Absorption Technology) hybrids are designed specifically to be used by beef, dairy, poultry, and swine operations. M.E.A.T. hybrids feature floury grain and top-quality grain yields. The floury grain in our M.E.A.T. hybrids has higher starch availability for ruminants and is broken down more quickly in a bovine rumen. This gives the animal increased energy and a healthy, active rumen. Monogastric animals likewise benefit from feeding floury grain. Through university research, Masters Choice has found that corn with a floury endosperm increases starch absorption in the small intestine. This increases the efficiency of the grain in the animal’s digestive tract, and it allows the animal to receive more energy from the same amount of corn.

Masters Choice selects M.E.A.T. hybrids for digestibility based on research into starch availability and prolamin protein levels. The M.E.A.T. hybrids have shown up to 15 percent improvement in feeding efficiency. These hybrids will often require minimal processing prior to feeding because of the increased starch availability. M.E.A.T. hybrids often require less amperage to grind and process because of their floury texture. Research has proven that even when flint varieties are extensively processed and ground to dust, the starch is still not absorbed as efficiently as the starch in a M.E.A.T. variety.

Masters Choice understands that grain yields are equally important to feeding quality for livestock and poultry producers. The M.E.A.T. hybrids allow producers to take advantage of all of the excellent feeding qualities that Masters Choice can offer, and they can rest assured that the agronomic qualities and grain yields will be competitive with any grain hybrid in the country. These hybrids are a perfect fit for anyone that is producing grain to feed on the farm. Masters Choice M.E.A.T. hybrids can greatly increase the efficiency of any livestock or poultry operation.