The Masters Choice MPG line is a culmination of many years of research. These hybrids are industry leading silage hybrids. MPGs combine many key features including high fiber digestibility, kernel digestibility, and rapid fermentation. MPGs are also high tonnage hybrids. Combining these top silage yields with industry leading digestibility allows Masters Choice customers to increase their efficiency and maximize their return on investment.

The Masters Choice breeding philosophy has always focused on healthy plants with high sugars and floury grain. Floury grain is more readily available to ruminant animals, and it promotes healthy rumen function. Flint grain often requires much longer ensiling time than the floury grain in our MPG hybrids. The higher plant sugar levels in the MPGs help with plant digestibility, but they also serve as a catalyst for rapid fermentation. The rapid fermentation allows the silage to be ready for feeding very quickly, and it helps to preserve the quality of the silage. The plant material in MPG hybrids is also highly digestible. With research into fiber digestibility and kd rates, Masters Choice has selected standard corn hybrids with excellent whole-plant digestibility. The combination of the floury grain and the high digestibility of the plant make Masters Choice MPGs the total nutritional package for dairy rations.

Masters Choice has combined the MPG quality with one of the most critical factors involved in selecting corn hybrids on the farm, high tonnage. Producers cannot afford to sacrifice yield for quality. MPGs give livestock producers everything that they need out of their corn silage. At Masters Choice, we are striving to develop and produce hybrids that are highly digestible and have dependable agronomics. MPGs allow the dairy farmer to maximize their milk production per acre. The MPG hybrids are proven performers that are some of the most highly desirable corn varieties for U.S. dairy farmers.