For over 80 years, TA Seeds product line-up has focused on varieties of corn specifically bred for the dairy farmer. Their genetics are chosen to accommodate the diversity of climatic and soil zones, which is why they have coined the term Zone Select Genetics.®

Hybrid Corn Silage – T.A. Seeds is aggressively selecting and testing corn hybrids that make more milk! You want more production from input and we feel we have found the silage-only and dual purpose hybrids that will do that. Our hybrids continue to produce more CWT per acre, and we are balancing tonnage and quality to offer the best silage corn available by any seed company today!

Yields don’t lie! T.A. Seeds has risen to the top in many independent testing programs. In 2012, T.A. Seeds received an astounding 250 #1 selections, even in less-than-ideal conditions. Our corn seeds consistently perform, year after year, with hundreds of #1 placements, and we at Best Forage can help you choose the right variety for your farm. T.A. Seeds is one of the only truly independent seed companies left, and we want to be your partner in customizing your seed choices.

Remember, the best hybrids give you a great foundation upon which to build your program. Harvesting silage at the proper moisture, and how the silage is prepared for feeding, are critical factors in your nutritional program. We are your neighbors and share some of the same challenges you do because We Are Farmers First!®

Please look into the Nutridense Silage varieties that offer a significant feed efficiency advantage over dual purpose hybrids and yield advantage over BMR hybrids! And for less than ideal corn ground, look into the Modified Single Cross Hybrids.