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Tall Fescue

Tall Fescue is a very adaptable species and grows well in wet or dry soil conditions. It is also very winter-hardy and persistent. Tall fescue starts growing early in the spring and continues all summer and fall with the potential for very high dry-matter production with some Nitrogen (N) fertilization.

Some tall fescue varieties on the market today, can be unpalatable due to rough leaves and higher lignin content. Barenbrug’s & DLF’s breeding programs have led to newer, much softer leafed, higher yielding varieties with significantly improved palatability and digestibility.

Fine leaf tall fescue varieties have an excellent deep root system that give them persistence and yield. In addition, the soft leaf varieties like Bariane and Barolex have very good palatability and quality.

Many common varieties of fescue contain a harmful fungus called endophyte. This fungus makes the plant less palatable and depresses animal performance and health. All of our tall fescue varieties are endophyte-free to ensure good animal health and performance.

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