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Plantain is a mineral rich perennial grazing herb that is high in protein (up to 23%). It is fast establishing and will be productive and persistent over a wide range of soils and climatic conditions because it has both a tap root and a fibrous root system. It adapts well to drier regions, less fertile soils, low pH, and heavy clay soils. It responds well to fertilizer, especially nitrogen. Yield data shows over 6 ton dry matter for well managed plantain. High digestibility and energy levels. Not recommended for sowing as a monoculture but can be sown with multiple grazing brassicas at 4-6 lbs/acre; with a permanent pasture mix at 4-8 lbs/acre; and up to 10 lbs per acre as a specialist crop with legumes. It can be broadcast over existing pasture, no-tilled, or conventional drilled. It is ready to graze when the leaf tears before the plant pulls out. Pre-emergent weed control is important as plantain is susceptible to broadleaf herbicides after emergence.

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