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Conventional Hay Mixes

Increase milk (or beef) per acre and forage yields by up to 50% with late maturing, high energy grasses interseeded with high yielding, fine stem, leafy alfalfa. Several university trials have shown that combining premium grasses with alfalfa will out-yield and out-perform a pure stand of either alfalfa or grass by itself.

A ratio of approximately 1/3 grass to 2/3 alfalfa has proven in several trials to yield the highest tonnage and to produce the most milk (or meat) per ton of forage. Add one of our premium grass mixtures to your favorite alfalfa or take advantage of one of our complete mixtures to save time. The E2 mixtures below from Barenbrug are coated with Yellow Jacket seed coating which contains Zeba, a seed coating that enhances seed germination and promotes a quick start. It also keeps the seed from separating in the seeder, for a more even stand..

Contact us for assistance in developing the right forage program to fit your farm with your soils and management style, or for more information on the following products.

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