AF7102 Forage Sorghum

AF7102 Forage Sorghum

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AF7102 Forage Sorghum is the earliest BMR-6 brachytic dwarf on the market.

  • Harvest 85-89 days after emergence
  • Brachytic dwarf genetics provide stout stalks for excellent standibility
  • Outstanding digestibility from BMR-6
  • Excellent for silage
  • Double crop silage option

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AF7102 Forage Sorghum is the earliest BMR-6 brachytic dwarf on the market. Northern producers are finally able to reach high yield potential with tremendous forage quality of a BMR-6 without the issues of lodging. AF7102 forage sorghum appears to work best in areas north of I-70 where humidity and the shorter growing season tend to be a challenge. The tillering capabilities of this forage sorghum hybrid are unsurpassed, allowing for increased yields and ground cover.

Suggested seeding rates:  In the Midwest, 5-7 lbs/acre (Maximum 100,000 seeds/acre)

Approx. seeds/lb.:  17-19,000 (check seed bag)

Seeding depth:  Drill 1″ – 1½″ deep in a firm, moist and warm seedbed.

Preferred soils:  Medium to lighter soils that are well drained.  Do not plant in high pH soils.  See tech sheet for more information.

Establishment:  AF7102 forage sorghum should be planted after soil temperature reaches at least 60° F and is climbing.


  • Nitrogen fertility should not exceed 115 units per acre including available nitrogen in the soil.
  • Potassium levels should be kept up, particularly if the soil pH is lower than 6.2.
  • AF7102 Forage sorghum is usually harvested between 85 to 89 days after emergence.
  • For highest foliage protein levels, cut prior to heading
  • Protein levels will decline as harvest is delayed, however energy will increase upon heading.
  • Optimum harvest recommendation is when 80 percent or more of heading has occurred to soft dough stage of the grain.
  • See Tech sheet for further information and how to avoid nitrate and prussic acid poisoning from sorghum.

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