AF7301 Forage Sorghum

AF7301 Forage Sorghum

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AF7301 is the next generation of BMR 6 forage sorghums. As a male sterile product, it will not
produce grain in the absence of nearby pollen. This offers several distinct advantages. AF7301 forage sorghum is high yielding, produces high levels of non-structural carbohydrates in the stalk, provides improved forage digestibility and overall energy content, and under most conditions, can be allowed to reach a moisture level where it can be harvested in a single pass through the field. Without grain, the plant will not cannibalize the stalk. This means it will have higher energy content than other grain-producing BMR hybrids. AF7301 forage sorghum has improved standabilty when compared to earlier BMR hybrids. This comes with CONCEP III.

Orders placed after October 1, 2018 is considered a Prepay order for 2019. Prepay orders are shipped around the first of April 2019. Please note in the comments if you need the seed shipped prior to that. 

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