AlfaBar Alfalfa Blend is an exciting combination of Barenbrug’s top 3 alfalfa varieties.  It is perfect for planting into stands for grazing and can also be harvested for excellent hay!  Excellent disease resistance.  Very dense, persistant stand = better weed control. Fines stems with an upright growth.  Nematode resistance package.  Comes coated with Yellow Jacket seed inoculant.  Recommended seeding rate is 18 to 22 lbs./acre.

  • Branch Roots – Allows for persistence and better production in poorly drained soils
  • Sunken Crown – Protects the plants from both high animal hoof traffic and insulates the crown in severe winter weather.
  • Rhizomatous Stems – These stems branch out and develop new crowns creating a more productive stand.

Available in 25 lb. bags

Special pricing is for seed ordered this month for the 2021 planting season. Seed will be shipped by mid-February unless other arrangements are made with our office.