Alice White Clover

Alice White Clover

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Alice is a new improved variety in the USA. It has large leaves and grows to medium height. Alice shows tremendous Nitrogen-fixing capacity that benefits its companion. It is persistent and winter-hardy, making it the perfect companion for pastures in Northern USA and Canada. Alice is aggressive enough to achieve a good balance with the grass, without over competing.

  • Great companion with grasses
  • Large leaves – High production
  • Winter-hardy – Persistent, tall, vigorous growth
  • High nitrogen fixation – Reduced fertilizer costs
  • High palatability and nutritive value





Alice white clover is our best selling #1 white clover for pastures and grazing. A time proven favorite of many graziers and for wildlife food plots. Alice is a large-leaved, vigorous white clover variety which exhibits a tall growth pattern. It is a well-known, proven white clover that is extremely winter-hardy and grazing tolerant. Alice white clover was the first white clover variety to successfully combine production and persistence when interplanted with grass. In addition, Alice is a legume, which produces its own nitrogen via nitrogen fixation – a symbiotic process in which Rhizobium bacteria in the root nodules “fix” nitrogen. Alice white clover has been widely used in grazing systems and is recognized for its high palatability and nutritive value. Alice comes coated with the Yellow Jacket seed coating which includes inoculant and Zeba.

Alice is adapted to climates of the Northeastern and Midwestern U.S.  It also performs well in select regions of Western U.S.

Suggested seeding rates:  Seed 2-3 lbs/acre with grass seed.  When frost seeding into established grass use 4 lbs/acre.

Approx. seeds/lb.:  800,000

Seeding depth:  1/8 to 1/4″ deep.

Preferred soils:  Prefers medium to heavy soils, but can work on most soil types.  Optimal pH for growing Alice is 5.5 to 7.5.  Adequate levels of calcium, phosphorus, and potash are very important for optimal growth.

Establishment:  Alice white clover can be drilled into or broadcast onto a prepared seed bed. It can also be directly seeded into an existing grass sward. In fall, Alice should be planted at least 8 weeks before a killing frost. Frost-seeding in the early spring is effective in northern regions of the U.S.

Management suggestions:  Proper management is required to maintain the balance of grass and clover in a pasture. Two tools to control this balance are fertility and pasture height. Nitrogen fertilization promotes grass growth. Initially, a lower pasture height should be maintained to allow sunlight to reach the clover. If the clover begins to dominate the pasture, allowing the pasture height to increase will reduce clover growth. In contrast, if the proportion of clover is low, an increased frequency of harvest will promote clover growth. Proper feed management will help reduce the risk of bloat.


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