AS6201 BMR Sorghum x Sudangrass

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AS6201 is an entry level sorghum sudangrass product from Alta Seeds featuring the BMR 6 characteristics.

  • Economically priced BMR-6 sorghum-sudangrass
  • Exceptional drought tolerance
  • Excellent re-growth for multiple quality cuts

Available in a 50 lb. bag

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Out of stock

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AS6201 is an easy to manage sorghum- sudangrass product featuring the BMR-6 characteristics. It has shown an 18.9% average increase in feed value compared to conventional forages. AS6201 is a summer-annual hybrid with the same agronomic characteristics found in a conventional sorghum-sudangrass hybrid. It is widely adapted and features increased utilization and efficiency from the BMR-6 gene.

BMR-6:  BMR-6 sorghums have less lignin than conventional sorghums and are extremely palatable. The high digestibility rivals corn silage as the choice for improved animal performance.

For the best quality and yield under a multi-cut program, harvest at 40 days or 40″ of growth.  Mechanical harvesters should be set to leave 2 nodes or 6″ of stubble, whichever is higher.  Sharp blades provide for a clean cut and enhance re-growth.   Harvesting at this height will promote more rapid re-growth.  At the latest, harvest when 50% of the plants have reached the flag leaf stage for a one cut program.  Under a one cut program, cutting height can be lowered to maximize yields.  Opening the swather for a wide windrow promotes drying.

If grazing, cattle should be turned in at approximately 24″ of growth, and grazing should be stopped when height is reduced to 6″ to promote rapid and adequate re-growth.

Suggested seeding rates:  In the Midwest, 30-40 lbs/acre

Approx. seeds/lb.:  15-17,000

Seeding depth:  Drill 1″ deep in a firm, moist and warm seedbed.

Preferred soils:  Medium to lighter soils that are well drained.  Do not plant in high pH soils.  See tech sheet for more information.

Establishment:  AS6201 should be planted after soil temperature reaches at least 60° F and is climbing.

Management:  Under favorable growing conditions, apply 1-1.25 lbs. of Nitrogen (N) per day of planned growth.  We would recommend harvesting at 40 days for easier and faster wilting of forage and doing haylage in-a-day.    See Tech sheet for further information and how to avoid nitrate and prussic acid poisoning from sorghum.

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