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Barkant Forage Turnips

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Barkant forage turnips are a common forage on many grazing dairy, beef and sheep farms across the country.  An excellent forage choice for extending the grazing season into late fall and early winter.

  • Vigorous white turnip
  • Good leaf & root yield
  • Ideal for grazing
  • High-energy feed
  • High sugar & dry matter content
  • Multiple harvest potential

Available in a 25 lb. bag

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Barkant forage turnips are an improved forage turnip variety from Barenbrug USA.  Bred for leaf production, Barkant forage turnips out yields most other turnip varieties available.  Barkant forage turnips are a very vigorous diploid turnip variety with a purple tankard root in which 50% of the bulb is on top of the ground.  Barkant forage turnips has a high bulb yield with good top growth.  It also has high sugar content which provides winter hardiness and increased palatability.  Barkant forage turnips  have good tolerance to bolting and under a correct grazing management system can provide multiple harvests with up to 4-6 tons per acre of dry matter production in 60 to 90 days.  Barkant forage turnips are also suitable for stockpiling or strip grazing with cattle or sheep.

Suggested seeding rates:  Seed 3-5 lbs/acre alone, 1-3 lbs/acre in a mixed stand.

Approx. seeds/lb.:  200,000 – 220,000

Seeding depth:  Seed ¼” to ½” deep in a firm, moist seedbed.

Ave. Emergence time (days):  7

Preferred soils:  Well-drained soils with balanced fertility.  Fields should be free of perennial weeds and any herbicide carryover.

Management suggestions:  Use 60 lbs N/acre at planting.  Strip graze to minimize waste.

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