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BarOptima PLUS E34 Tall Fescue

BarOptima PLUS E34 Tall Fescue

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BarOptima PLUS E34 is the next generation of forage tall fescue. This high energy, high yielding variety is bred with the revolutionary beneficial endophyte E34 for superior pasture persistence. Unlike Kentucky 31, BarOptima PLUS E34 is safe, so you can avoid the costly effects of “fescue toxicosis.” Choose BarOptima PLUS E34, the safe, sustainable and profitable alternative to Kentucky 31.  Great for beef and dairy producers.

  • Safe, sustainable, profitable
  • Increased daily gains
  • Resists heat and drought
  • Eliminates fescue toxicity
  • Easily digestible
  • Late heading
  • More palatable

Available in a 25 lb. bag

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BarOptima PLUS E34 tall fescue is the next generation forage tall fescue.  It is a high energy and high yielding variety, bred in association with the revolutionary beneficial endophyte E34.   The most widely grown forage tall fescue (Kentucky 31) is also known to be toxic to cattle.  Endophytes in the plant create alkaloids which produce higher temperatures, less weight gain, lower pregnancy rates and less milk production in cattle.  Yet, the endophyte responsible for these toxic effects also gives tall fescue great persistence and high yield.  BarOptima PLUS E34 tall fescue can be grazed, harvested for hay, or stockpiled.

BarOptima PLUS E34 has multiple advantages over Kentucky 31 and other tall fescues.  Watch this video for the benefits of BarOptima PLUS E34 

After years of research, Barenbrug has developed a beneficial endophyte that eliminates toxicity but retains the traits of persistence and high yield.  This endophyte is E-34.

Barenbrug has introduced E34 into the elite, soft leaf tall fescue BarOptima.  BarOptima PLUS E34 tall fescue is the newest generation of forage grass, containing three desirable tall fescue traits:  a high quality forage with high yield and persistence.  This is a revolutionary tall fescue that improves palatability while eliminating toxicity and increasing animal productivity.

Suggested seeding rates:  Seed 25-30 lbs/acre.

Approx. seeds/lb.:  277,000

Seeding depth:  Drill ¼” deep in a firm, moist seedbed.

Preferred soils:  Medium to heavy soils in the transition zone and other harsh climates.

Establishment:  See information on the back of the BarOptima Info Sheet on two options of how to establish BarOptima PLUS E34 tall fescue.

Management suggestions:  Apply 20-30 units of N at planting,  30-40 units of N after each cutting.  Total of 150 units of N/acre/year.  With alfalfa, use a total of 75 units of N/acre/year.  When cutting, leave a stubble of 3″ or more for quicker regrowth and higher seasonal yields.  BarOptima PLUS E34 tall fescue can also be stockpiled in a grazing situation.

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