Big Buck 6 Natural Forage Soybeans

Big Buck 6 Natural Forage Soybeans

$60.00 Per 140K bag

Big Buck 6 is the premium non-GMO forage soybean.  It is easy to establish, has large, high protein leaves, is very tall, and has excellent forage yield.  It can be grown naturally without the use of herbicides.  This variety contains no genes for glyphosate or Roundup Tolerance.

Special pricing is available on prepaid orders for certain products for the 2019 planting season. Orders for this product will ship around April 1st. If you need it prior to then, please leave a note in the comment section of your order.  

ATTENTION: This product has a Roundup Ready® technology that requires a stewardship agreement before planting. Please send us your stewardship license number through our “Contact Us” link upon checkout. If there is no license number included, your order will be put on hold until we get this from you. If you are in need of a license, you can contact Monsanto’s Grower Licensing Team at 1-866-784-4630. The license is free to obtain.


Big Buck 6 is conventionally bred and capable of reaching heights over six feet.  Among the available non-gmo forage varieties, this variety has higher tonnage as shown in several state university tests.  You can follow conventional soybean herbicide treatments to easily eliminate weeds from the plots.


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