Dairy HP+ Pasture Mix

Dairy HP+ Pasture Mix

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Dairy HP+ is our favorite pasture mix for dairy cows.  Similar to the original Dairy HP except the ryegrass was replaced with the Remington NEA2 with animal friendly endophyte.  The friendly endophyte enables the ryegrass to better withstand stress such as the high temperatures experienced in mid-July and August and therefore providing more yield during the summer slump period.

This mix has been our highest yielding pasture especially during the heat of the summer.  Highly palatable and high yielding.  This pasture just makes a lot of milk. Dairy HP+ does well on medium to heavier soils or lighter soils with irrigation.  Requires high fertility for best performance.  Excess pasture can be harvested for silage or baleage.

Contains approximately (may vary slightly due to availability)
•68% Remington NEA2 Perennial ryegrass
•22% meadow fescue
•  8% white clover
•  2% chicory.

Available in a 50 lb. bag

Special pricing is for seed ordered this month for the 2021 planting season. Seed will be shipped by mid-February unless other arrangements are made with our office.

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Available in a 50 lb. bag. Seeding rate 30-35 lbs. per acre.

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