We call this mixture E2. It is energy squared, or in other words, the power of two: Barenbrug proprietary grass seed combined with hybrid alfalfa into one effective and labor saving mixture. This synergized mixture boosts energy levels in rations compared to alfalfa alone. Contains 60% Baralfa X42, the next generation of hybrid alfalfa using the msSunstra Hybrid Alfalfa Technology! It features the branch rooted trait to allow it to persist and be productive in poorly drained soils. Baralfa X42 is an aggressive, high forage yielding, high quality alfalfa that expresses fast re-growth with fine stems. This mixture also contains approximately 30% of Barenbrug’s highest quality, late-maturing tall fescue. Tall fescue is very high in digestible fiber (energy). Tall fescue also has a very deep root system which provides good drought tolerance and high yields. Contains 10% Baraula orchardgrass. Baraula is a very late maturing orchardgrass that does well on lighter soils and is less clumpy than traditional orchardgrasses. Both the alfalfa and the grass are coated with the famous Yellow Jacket seed coating that minimizes separation and aids in establishment. Yellow Jacket coating contains ZEBA, a patented compound that absorbs a minimum of six hundred (600) times it s weight in water and increases healthy plant establishment.

One bag contains 25 lbs. Seeding rate 25 lbs (1 bag) per acre.