Environoc 501

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Environoc 501 is a mix of beneficial microbes that assist with the breakdown of crop residue.  This breakdown releases tied-up nutrients and makes them available for the next crop.

See Crop Residue Management and Environoc 501 Beneficial Microbes

100% Natural beneficial microbes

  • Safe around plants and animals
  • Enhanced stubble breakdown
  • Nutrient release
  • Enhanced residue management
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Environoc 501 consists of over 25 strains of fresh, viable and natural microbes selected for their capabilities to provide enhanced composting, enhanced field stubble digestion, grass thatch reduction and other vegetable degradation.  Beneficial microorganisms that provide enhanced degradation of many polymers such as cellulose, chitin & related, lignin & related, increased efficiency for composting and vegetation degradation applications.  Environoc 501 allows you to promote the natural recycling of nutrition from stubble, residue or trash back into your soil.

Imagine an army of millions, ready to fight for you.  Unleash the power of beneficial microbes!!!

Crop residue and stubble contain recyclable energy and nutrition potential tie-up of $100 to $200 per acre.  It can be released and recycled to optimize soil health and reinvest.

See Crop Residue Management and Environoc 501 Beneficial Microbes

Apply 16 to 32 oz. per acre with supplemental nitrogen (N).

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