Guardian Brand Fall Rye

Guardian Brand Fall Rye

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Guardian™ Fall Rye is a premium cereal rye that excels in both cover cropping and forage production.  Very high quality seed that drastically lowers your risk in bringing in problematic weed seed and germination issues that can be present in VNS seed.

  • Screened for purity & cleanliness
  • Excellent germination & early vigor
  • Strong winter-hardiness

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Guardian Fall Rye

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Guardian™ Fall Rye is a high quality cereal rye for cover crops or forage.  Guardian™ Fall Rye is carefully screened to provide dependable results in cover cropping situations.  Carefully screened for quality, purity and cleanliness (98% purity and 90% or better germination).  Problematic weed free, clear tag certified noxious weed free, and Sclerotinia (white mold) free.  Excellent germination and early vigor in cooler temperatures, combined with solid winter-hardiness and quick spring green-up, make Guardian™ an excellent choice for a low-risk entry into cover cropping.

Carbon/Nitrogen Ratio (C:N):  Vegetative 20:1, Straw 70:1

Suggested seeding rate:

  • Seed 30-50 lbs/acre alone or 20-40 lbs/acre in a mix
  • Broadcast/Aerial:  20-60 lbs/acre
  • For forage:  150 lbs/acre

Approx. seeds/lb.:  16-18,000

Preferred soils:  Rye works on a broad range of soil types.

Seeding depth:  3/4 – 1″

Ave. emergence time:  5-8 days

Planting window:  Aug – Oct


  • Assuming the predetermined goal allows, it’s always recommended to kill small grains early.  If terminating with herbicides, glyphosate and/or grass herbicides have been effective in late spring prior to boot stage.  This lessens nitrogen immobilization, conserves soil moisture, and reduces exposure to voles, army worms, and other pests.  It’s common for vegetable and orchard growers to let small grains stand as long as possible in between plant rows.  This practice also allows for proper bedding under many fruit and vegetable crops, reducing the risk of many root rots while keeping them clean and dry.
  • Tillage – usually eliminates regrowth, but wait until rye and triticale are at least 10-12″ tall.  Once crop grows taller than 18-24″, tillage becomes less effective and will most likely take two passes, if not more.
  • Mow/killing – wait until the stand has begun flowering (rye usually flowers around 14 hours sunlight and temps above 40° F).  The use of sickle mowers usually work better than flail mowers.
  • Utilizing rollers, stalk choppers and crimpers at milk or soft dough stage (usually around 20-24″ tall) can flatten stems and potentially eliminate a burndown pass.



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