Hercules BMR BD Pearl Millet

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Hercules BMR BD Pearl Millet is a hybrid pearl millet from LaCrosse Seed.  It combines the brown midrib trait for improved digestibility with the brachytic dwarf gene which provides increased leaf-to-stem ratios and increased standability.

  • Rapid growth and regrowth (faster than sorghum x sudan grass)
  • Excellent disease resistance package
  • Needs about 30% less water than sorghum products
  • BMR gene for improved palatability, feed intake, digestibility and animal utilization
  • Dwarf gene provides increased leaf to stem ratio, increased standability and adapts to heavier grazing pressure

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Out of stock

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Hercules BMR BD Pearl Millet is an enhanced summer annual hybrid that delivers a versatile, high quality forage product to dairy, beef, sheep and goat producers.  Hercules BMR BD Pearl Millet, a dwarf-type summer annual, is an excellent forage producer with all the attributes that the producer is looking for, such as: rapid growth and regrowth, unsurpassed water use efficiency, drier stalks for exceptional dry down for hay, excellent disease resistance and resistance to aphids. Plus with no risk of prussic acid poisoning!

This is THE summer annual that needs to be on your acres and fed to your livestock. You will not be disappointed.

Suggested seeding rate:  Drill 20-25 lbs/acre in the Midwest and similar climates, for lower moisture regions, plant 15-20 lbs/acre.

Approx. seeds/lb.:  50,000

Seeding depth:  Drill 1½-2″ deep, depending on soil moisture.

Preferred soils:  Do not plant in soils with pH greater than 7.5 as iron chlorosis can be a problem.  Plant in soil temperature of 60° F and climbing.

Establishment:  Apply 1 to 1¼ lbs. of nitrogen (N) per day of planned growth.  Potassium levels should be similar to that of corn.

Management suggestions:  For grazing, recommended begin height is 20 to 24″ with a stop height of 6 to 7″.  Best to machine harvest before plants reach 36-40″ in height and leave a stubble height of 6 to 8″.  Use sharp blades, a clean cut will enhance regrowth.  See tech sheet for more information.

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