LC0560 – 105 day NutriDense Silage Hybrid

$189.00 / bag - $239.00 / bag

LC0560 is a 105 day NutriDense silage option from Local Seed Co.

  • Excellent forage yield in its maturity
  • Excellent disease tolerance
  • Must try for silage in the 103 to 108 RM range
  • Feed efficiency is the key for this hybrid

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LC0560 is a 105 day NutriDense (silage only) hybrid from Local Seed Co.

NutriDense® silage is nutritionally enhanced corn silage developed specifically for efficient milk production.  With fiber quality providing energy from the whole plant, not just the grain, NutriDense silage balances digestibility with rumen function.

Get an edge with NutriDense® Silage

  • High quality, nutritionally enhanced corn silage
  • Developed specifically for efficient milk production
  • Yield potential equal to or greater than dual purpose
  • Yield potential greater than BMR hybrids
  • Excellent tonnage potential
  • Higher protein content
  • Improved rumen function
  • 4-8% improvement if feed efficiency
  • Income over feed costs advantage


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