LeafMAX 3620 H.D. Alfalfa is one of our highest quality and highest yielding alfalfas.  LeafMAX 3620 holds exceptional forage quality, even is delayed harvests.  Definitely an alfalfa for dairy producers.  A highly digestible alfalfa and a top milk producer.  Fine stems with large leaves.  Excellent disease rating at 30/30.  A fall dormancy 4.0 alfalfa with a winter survival index of 2.0.  Seed is pre-inoculated and coated.

Available in a 50 lb. bag.  Seeding rate 18-22 lbs./acre.

Price is for alfalfa seed ordered for spring 2020 planting season and prepaid for in November of 2019.  Alfalfa seed will be shipped in late March unless prior arrangements are made with our office.