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LeafMAX 4017 APH2 Alfalfa


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LeafMAX 4017 APH2 alfalfa is an alfalfa for those tough soils where disease may be a problem.  LeafMAX 4017 has one of the strongest disease resistance of any alfalfa on the market today.

  • Outstanding disease resistance
  • High yielding with quality



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LeafMAX 4017 APH2 Alfalfa is an Aphanomyces resistant alfalfa which is highly resistant (HR) to both Race 1 and Race 2 Aphanomyces which has earned it the “Standlife Genetics” rating. The “APH2” in its name refers to its high resistance to both Race 1 and Race 2.  This variety has very impressive yield, is geared toward an aggressive 4 cut system, and is able to thrive in the toughest disease soils throughout the Midwest. Ideal placement is on medium to heavy soil types where Aphanomyces may be a problem. Extremely winterhardy, very quick regrowth, super tonnage, and finer stems. Digestibility is very good. Fall dormancy 4.0, winter hardiness 1.7, disease rating 35/35.  If any alfalfa can survive and produce exceptional forage on your toughest soils, LeafMAX 4017 APH2 alfalfa is the one.

Seed is coated with lime and micronutrients, Allegience fungicide, and inoculated with Nitragin Gold inoculant.

Suggested seeding rates:  Seed 18-22 lbs/acre alone, 6-15 lbs/acre in a mixed stand.

Approx. seeds/lb.:  227,000

Seeding depth:  Seed ¼” to ½” deep in a firm, moist seedbed.

Ave. Emergence time (days):  7

Preferred soils:  Well-drained soils with balanced fertility and a pH of 6.8 to 7.0.  Fields should be free of perennial weeds and any herbicide carryover.  Fields should not have been in alfalfa in the previous year to avoid any alfalfa autotoxicity problems.

Management suggestions:  Use 25-30 units of N at seeding on coarse textured soils with low organic matter, 20-35 lbs N/acre if seeded with a companion crop and 40-55 lbs N/acre if companion will be harvested as silage.  May be planted in spring or late summer.  More specific recommendations for planting, growing, fertilizing and harvesting are available upon request.

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