Lowland Hay Mix

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Lowland Hay Mix is an alfalfa and grass mixture for heavier soils.  The mix contains varieties that perform well on heavier soils that are not as well drained as is recommended for alfalfa alone.

  • Easy to dry
  • Individual species selected for heavier soil types
  • Good yields

Available in a 50 lb. bag



Lowland Hay mix tolerates wetter soils and is a mixture of
•50% alfalfa (branch root variety),
•15% Freedom red clover,
•15% hay type Tall Fescue,
•10% late heading Orchardgrass, and
•10% Timothy.

The alfalfa varieties in this mix have a branched root system designed to keep more roots above a high water table. In this mix also is Freedom red clover, an improved red clover with less pubescence so that it is easier drying than other varieties of red clovers. The tall fescue is an endophyte-free variety so it is safe for horses and other livestock. The tall fescue is also for high fiber digestibility (energy) along with high yield. A nice hay mix for heavier soils. An easy to dry mixture designed for dry hay, silage or baleage production.

Seed at 25-30 lbs/acre.

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Weight 54 lbs
Dimensions 28 × 18 × 6 in
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