MC-MasterGraze BMR

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Mastergraze is a 60 day tillering brown-mid rib (BMR) forage corn hybrid from Masters Choice.  A silage, baleage or grazing option only.

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One of the new applications for grazing/forage corn is utilizing the extreme digestibility of the brown midrib gene. Brown midrib (BMR) corn varieties have a natural mutation that results in lower concentrations of lignin produced in the stems and leaves during plant development; this results in higher fiber digestion. Dense stalks with an abundance of select sugars provide more energy and nutrition than any other type warm season forage; with dry matter yields up to 5 tons in only 7 to 8 weeks. This produces more tonnage and higher quality in a shorter period of time than most other forages. MC-MasterGraze BMR is known for expressing itself in foliage, not grain, meaning grain production is very minimal. The forage production is due in large to the tillering capabilities, tillers that have regrowth potential after grazing or cutting in the early stages. Can be utilized by grazing or cut and wilted for baleage and/or silage. Cut just before the tassle emerges for highest quality.

A word of Caution:  Weed control is critical to achieving a great stand of MC-MasterGraze silage.  Growth in the early stages are slow and weeds need to be controlled until the corn is canopied.

Seed is treated with CruiserMaxx Corn 250.  Packaged in 80,000 kernels/bag.

Planting rate is 30,000-40,000 pop/acre in 15″ rows.



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