Remington PLUS NEA2, is a new combination of Barenbrug’s proven variety, Remington, with a beneficial endophyte, NEA2.  Remington is a high-yielding, high quality tetraploid ryegrass that shares many attributes of diploid types.  Remington was selected in the US for its sward density, high yields and excellent disease resistance.  Remington has improved winter tolerance compared to traditional cultivars.  Remington also exhibits improved tolerance to heat and produces longer into the summer than the competition.  Remington is well suited to grazing and high moisture cutting systems.  Its exceptional palatability promotes high dry matter intake in a grazing situation.  And, as a perennial ryegrass, Remington provides extremely nutritious and digestible forage.

The addition of the NEA2 beneficial endophyte expands this area of adaption, allowing Remington PLUS NEA2 to persist in regions where perennial ryegrass typically dies out due to summer stress.  It shows exceptional winter-hardiness in Wisconsin, tolerance to heat and stand persistence in Kentucky and high dry matter production in New York trials.

Remington PLUS NEA2 is a component in the Dairy HP+ dairy pasture mix.

Suggested seeding rate:  Seed at 30-40 lbs/acre.

Approx. seeds/lb.:  277,000

Seeding depth:  Seed ¼” deep in a firm, moist seedbed.

Preferred soils:  Medium to heavy soils with good fertility.  Lighter soils with irrigation.

Establishment:  Can be planted in the spring or late summer.