SF 125 N-hancer

SF 125 N-hancer

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SF 125 N-hancer Mix is a premium Soil First™ cover crop mixture containing Spring Oats, Soil First Select Radish, Fixation Balansa Clover, Spring Peas and Crimson Clover.  This is a heavy legume mix intended for adding Nitrogen and biomass without intensive spring management.

  • High Nitrogen production
  • Oats work as a nutrient scavenger

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125 N-hancer

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SF 125 N-hancer is a premium Soil First™ mixture of Spring Oats, Soil First Select Radish, Fixation Balansa Clover, Spring Peas and Crimson Clover.  This mix is designed as a nitrogen booster in front of grass cash crops such as corn decreasing the spring management needed.  SF 125 N-hancer mix contains oats which work as a carrier, but also keep nitrogen from leaching or leaving the system.  The nitrogen production of this mix can be widely varied depending on planting dates, climate, spring termination date, etc…  The heavy legume mix will work in grazing environments, supplying high protein and digestibility.  Grazing management will be needed to minimize the risk of bloat.

Planting window:  3-10 weeks before frost

Seeding rates:

  • Seed 35-40 lbs/acre alone with a drill (7.5″ spacing)
  • Broadcast/Aerial:  Not recommended
  • For forage 35-40 lbs/acre

Seeding depth:  ¼” to 1″ deep

Comparable setting on drill chart:  Oats (use large box)

Germination soil temperature:  45° F

DM tons/acre:  2-5

Considerations:  Early planting is the goal with SF 125. More biomass equals greater Nitrogen contribution. Because of peas’ larger seed size, broadcast or aerial applications are not recommended.

Benefits:  scale 1-5, 5=best

  • Compaction Alleviation      4
  • Weed suppression               4
  • Biomass production            4
  • Erosion control                    5
  • Disease/Pest control          2
  • Pollinator/Beneficials        3
  • P & K Cycling                       4
  • Ease of Establishment       4

Termination:  In most environments, only the clovers will demand spring control. Both crimson and balansa clovers can be successfully terminated with glyphosate and 2,4-D. Radish will terminate with multiple nights in the teens. If radish survive, glyphosate and 2,4-D provide effective control.


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