SF Endurance Plantain

///SF Endurance Plantain

SF Endurance Plantain

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SF Endurance is a new forage plantain from Barenbrug. Good for dairy, beef and sheep pastures. SF Endurance is drought hardy, deep rooted perennial herb well adapted to low fertility soils. SF Endurance provides similar winter feed to Tonic , but with improved warm season production. Suited to a broad range of environments. Higher yielding than Tonic Plaintain. Seeding rate 1-2 lbs per acre with short term ryegrass, 3-4 lbs per acre in perennial pastures. Comes in 25 lb bag. Limited Supply

Orders placed after October 1, 2018 is considered a Prepay order for 2019. Prepay orders are shipped around the first of March 2019. Please note in the comments if you need the seed shipped prior to that. 

Out of stock

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