Soil First Select Radish

Soil First Select Radish

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Soil First Select Radish is a great radish for use as a cover crop.  Easy to use with many benefits.

  • Deep, penetrating taproot
  • Reduces compaction
  • Great at storing nutrients until spring
  • Daikon type radish

Out of stock


Soil First Select Radish was selected based on performance in the field.  This new daikon type radish variety was evaluated across many different soil types and environments from the Northwest to across the upper Midwest and Transition Zone.  A superior, deep penetrating taproot is one characteristic that separates Soil First™Select Radish from other radish varieties – growing to a level of 3-6′ based on soil type, region, and planting date.  The upper portion of the taproot (or tuber) can grow to a length of 12-24″.  Select Radish will germinate in only a couple of days when moisture is present.

Suggested seeding rates:

  • Seed 8-12 lbs/acre alone, 3-8 lbs/acre in a mix.

Approx. seeds/lb.:  30-40,000

Seeding depth:  Seed ¼” deep in a firm, moist seedbed.

Ave. Emergence time:  3-5 days

Preferred soils:  Well drained is preferred.

Establishment:  For best results, plant in late summer to early fall, at least 3 weeks (typically 30-60 days) prior to the average first killing frost date.

Management suggestions:  In order for the radish to grow to its potential, it will need 40-60 lbs of N (accumulated or residual).

Carbon/Nitrogen Ratio (C:N):  Tops 9:1

Non-Forage Benefits:  (5=Excellent, 1=Poor)

  • Compaction Alleviation:      5
  • Weed Suppression:               5
  • Biomass Production:            4
  • Erosion Control:                    4
  • Disease/Pest control:           3
  • Pollinator/Beneficials:         2
  • P & K Cycling:                        4
  • Ease of Establishment:        5


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