The ONLY cover crop radish proven to increase yields… corn yields up 10%, bean yields up 11%, winter wheat up 5-12 bu/acre. University tested and proven over 10 years. Tillage Radish® are similar to oilseed radishes, but have a larger, deeper penetrating tap root to aid as a biological tool to reduce soil compaction. Tillage Radish® are best planted in the fall at least 4-10 weeks before the first killing frost. Tillage Radish® germinate rapidly and start covering the ground within few days. While growing, Tillage Radish® scavenge nutrients such as nitrogen, phosphorous and calcium from deep within the soil profile, making them more readily available for the next crop. Tillage Radish do best with about 60 lbs Nitrogen (residual or applied) at seeding to promote growth. This nitrogen will be retained and released for the next crop. Great for weed suppression on weeds like henbit and chickweed. Helps suppress nematodes.Goes deeper in the soil profile than a deep ripper and best of all it doesn’t bring up any rocks! Available in 50 lb bags or 2000 lb totes. Seeding rate 10-12 lbs/acre broadcasted, 6 lbs/acre drilled, 2-4 lbs/acre in cover crop mixes, 4 lbs/acre precision planted.