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Turf Saver RTF (rhizomatous tall fescue) is one of the deepest rooting grass available;  roots travel down to six feet – tapping into water not normally available.  Beyond its characteristics of lush, even growth and self-repair, Barenbrug’s Turf Saver RTF also features a leaf texture distinct from normal tall fescue varieties.  Turf Saver RTF plants are much softer to the touch, gentle even on bare feet.

Seeding rate:  9 lbs. per 1,ooo square feet

In stock

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Turf Saver® RTF® is the most advanced and unique tall fescue mixture available, providing the benefits of rhizomes not found in any other varieties. While other spreading varieties describe “potential” rhizome development or “aggressive tillering,” the deep-rooted and heat-tolerant Turf Saver RTF has been proven to mend damaged turf and maintain both uniformity and density.

In 2002, Barenbrug released a unique tall fescue with rhizome rich plants called RTF®. RTF stands for Rhizomatous Tall Fescue, and this unique variety is still the only tall fescue with rhizomes available. Tall fescue is typically a bunchgrass with very limited ability to repair and recover, however, RTF’s unique rhizome development enables the repair and recovery of the turf.

Rhizomes are underground stems that provide turf the ability to repair damaged areas, maintain uniformity and density, add to drought tolerance and reduce the need for frequent overseeding. These deep rhizomes spread laterally as much as 9” but are not as invasive as those of Kentucky bluegrass or creeping red fescue.

  • A mixture featuring 40% RTF varieties combined with two elite turf-type tall fescues
  • Quick to establish with good uniformity and density
  • Strong traffic tolerance, the only self-repairing tall fescue seed mixture available
  • Extensive, deep root system for improved drought tolerance
  • Strong disease resistance and insect tolerance

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