Moxie Teff Grass

Moxie Teff Grass

$114.00 per 50 lb. bag - $140.50 per 50 lb. bag

Moxie Teff is a warm season annual grass that is very high yielding and very palatable. Teff is excellent for dry hay and is similar to Timothy in palatability.

  • Palatable
  • Fast growing
  • High yield with high quality
  • Summer production
  • Drought tolerance
  • Wide adaption
  • Low nutrient requirements

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Moxie Teff Grass is a self-pollinated, warm season annual grass which can be harvested multiple times during the growing season as dry hay, silage or pasture.  As a fast growing crop, Teff combines excellent forage quality with high yield during a relatively short growing season.  Over the last 10 years, Teff has gained momentum as a forage crop and several new, improved types have been developed and commercialized.  Moxie Teff Grass combines the best genetics with Barenbrug’s Yellow Jacket Enhanced Seed Coating.

Seeding rates:  Seed 10-12 lbs/acre alone, 6-8 lbs/acre when inter-seeding into a thinning alfalfa stand.

Approx. seeds/lb.:  1,250,000

Seeding depth:  Seed 1/8” deep into a very firm, moist seedbed.  Good seed-to-soil contact is important.

Ave. Emergence time:  4-5 days

Preferred soils:  Well-drained soils with balanced fertility.  Fields should be free of perennial weeds and any herbicide carryover. Soils temperatures should be at least 65° F and warming.

Management suggestions:  Use 60 lbs N/acre at planting.  First harvest is usually around 40 days.  Leave at least a 3″ stubble and we use a tedder to spread the teff out to promote drying as teff grass lays very flat in a swath.  We apply 45 units of Nitrogen after first and second cutting.   Harvest regrowth every 30-35 days.  Potential to produce 1.5 to 2.5 tons per acre with each cutting.


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