Palaton Reed Canarygrass

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Palaton reed canarygrass is a low alkaloid variety that is a leafy, high yielding, long lived perennial. Plants were selected for plant type, absence of leaf disease, yield potential, and low alkaloid content. Palaton does not contain any of the alkaloid (triptaminecarboline) that causes diarrhea in grazing animals and reduced performance. Reed Canarygrass works very well in very wet areas but also performs well on drier soils.

  • Improved palatability characteristics
  • Extended harvest window as compared to other varieties
  • Low alkaloid
  • Good leaf disease resistance

Reed Canarygrass sales are prohibited in Indiana.

Out of stock

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Palaton Reed Canarygrass is a tall sod forming grass that exhibits great tolerance to wet and flooded conditions as well as excellent drought tolerance.  It is of medium palatability and can quickly drop in forage quality as it matures.  Reed Canarygrass requires good management as to not allow it to spread to areas where it is undesired.  Palaton is an improved variety that is low in alkaloids, which improves forage quality and intake.

Main Usage:  Hay or pasture on wetter soils

Preferred soils:  Works on a broad range of soils from dry to very wet.

Soil pH:  5.5 – 8.2

Seeding rate:  8-12 lbs./acre alone, 2-4 lbs/acre in a mix

Approx. seeds/lb.:  480,000

Seeding depth:  1/8″ to 1/4″ deep.

Days to germination:  21-28 days

Management suggestions:  Best to seed with another grass such as tall fescue to help reduce weed pressure until the canarygrass becomes established.  Reed canarygrass generally requires about 40 lbs/acre of Nitrogen (N) per ton of forage.




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