BG-34 Perennial Ryegrass

BG-34 Perennial Ryegrass

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BG-34 Perennial Ryegrass is a blend of the best late-maturing, winter hardy varieties of perennial ryegrasses available. BG-34 is the standard of high quality pastures and hay fields throughout the northern U.S..  Dairy farmers report milk production increases of up to 10 pounds of milk per cow per day when feeding BG-34 perennial ryegrass.

  • Premium blend of diploid varieties
  • High yielding
  • Rapid establishment and regrowth
  • High disease resistance and winter hardiness

Available in a 50 lb. bag

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BG-34 Perennial Ryegrass is a well-proven blend of mid-to late-maturing diploid perennial ryegrasses. The varieties in BG-34 are selected for persistence, productivity and disease resistance in the continental climate of North America. These varieties are more stress tolerant compared to traditional European varieties which are grown in milder climates. BG-34 perennial ryegrass has exceptional palatability and digestibility, making it perfect for grass finishing or peak milk production. In addition to providing high quality forage, the yields are also impressive. Being later heading, BG-34 perennial ryegrass is ideal for those regions with wet springs that preclude early grazing or cutting. Later heading allows for better quality forage over an extended period. BG-34 perennial ryegrass is well-suited for both intensive grazing and cutting for high moisture silage.

Suggested seeding rates:  Seed 30-35 lbs/acre alone, 35-40 lbs/acre broadcast then rolled.  Overseeding 15 lbs/acre.

Approx. seeds/lb.:  260,000

Seeding depth:  Seed no deeper than ¼” deep.

Preferred soils:  Medium to heavy soils with good fertility.

Establishment:  In moderate climates — or in hot, dry areas with access to irrigation — plantings may be made in spring or fall. Under dryland conditions or in areas prone to summer drought, fall planting is recommended. At planting, apply 35 to 40 lbs of nitrogen per acre to promote early production. BG-34’s strong seedling vigor and rapid establishment make it a good choice for no-till seeding. Plant no deeper than 1⁄4 inch. Proper stand management during establishment is crucial for a long stand life. Once the plants are firmly rooted, initial light grazings or clippings encourage tillering and result in a dense sward.

Management suggestions:  For optimal production, maintain pasture in a vegetative state with scheduled defoliation by grazing or cutting. Once established, graze BG-34 from 6 to 8 inches down to a 2 or 3 inch residual. When machine harvesting, begin cutting when sward reaches 10 to 12 inches in height. To jump start spring growth, apply 50 lbs of nitrogen per acre early in the spring. Then, periodic applications of 30 to 40 lbs per acre timed with rainfall or irrigation during the summer will adequately maintain production.

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