Hay Graze Mix

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Hay Grazing Mix is designed for those fields where the option of making dry hay or grazing is needed.
This mix contains:
•40% alfalfa (grazing tolerant)
•25% soft leaf tall fescue
•15% late heading orchardgrass
•15% meadow fescue
•  5% improved red clover

This is a mixture designed for both grazing or hay production with improved varieties. Works on a wide variety of soils.

Available in a 50 lb. bag



Hay Graze Mix is a mix designed for those hay fields where you want the option to graze if needed.  We use a grazing tolerant alfalfa with a sunken crown and with great traffic tolerance along with Freedom! red clover for the legume part of the mix.  The grass portion consists of soft leaf tall fescues and meadow fescues that are high in digestibility and palatability.  Orchardgrass with good disease resistance and high leaf-to-stem ratio completes the mix.

Best use:  Dry hay, silage or pasture

Seeding rate:  25-30 lbs/acre

Seeding depth:  Seed ¼” deep in a firm, moist seedbed.

Preferred soils:  Well drained soils, heavy to lighter soils with good fertility north of the Transition zone.  Soil pH 6.5-7.0

Management suggestions:  May be planted early spring or late summer.  Use 25-30 lbs. of N at seeding and after each cutting.  If machine harvesting, leave a 3″ stubble.  If grazing, allow a rest period of 25-30 days between grazings.  Allow sufficient regrowth in the fall to allow alfalfa to replenish the carbohydrate reserves in its root system to extend stand life.

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