Spring Triticale Plus

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A mix of spring triticale, forage peas and annual ryegrass.  Triticale is high in digestible fiber.  Peas fix nitrogen and add crude protein.  Annual ryegrass is high in energy and provides deep root structure for next crop.

  • Superior palatability
  • High crude protein %
  • Harvest in 55-60 days
  • Dairy quality silage or baleage
  • Plant early spring or late summer

Out of stock


Comprised of 50% spring triticale. 25% forage peas and 25% annual ryegrass.  Superior palatability and crude protein percentage.  Recommended seeding rate is 100 lbs/acre.  General rule of harvest is 55-60 days after planting or in the mid-late boot stage.  Ryegrass will need managed after harvest.  Spring triticale plus is high quality forage for a lactating cow diet or where a high protein forage is desired.

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Weight 54 lbs
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